Who We Are

A boutique Business Management firm dedicated to working with the talented artists of the entertainment industry, athletes, and entrepreneurs.

How we work

Our client relationships are personal and driven by trust, mutual respect, and integrity. You work directly with us – not strangers handling a file. 

With attention to detail and an eye for discretion, we exist to reduce financial stress, anxiety, and pain points.

What we will never be

Condescending. Patronizing. Robotic. 

What people say

“She provided real time personal consultation and advice during some very rough times which meant the world to me and I can’t imagine not having her there.”

“You have been the ONLY person responsible for any financial organization I’ve maintained in my brain.”

“I just need you to know that every time I get off the phone with you, I have a conscious feeling of gratitude for your patience with my accounting-deficient brain.”

“I reflected last night on how big a role you have played in my life in the past few years. You really steadied the ship.”